UX Rant #1

Craft Plugin Walkthrough

Great pleasure to know that this is not first world’s problem… but

Craft by InVision LABS plugin updates. Walkthrough flow. The Plugin itself is a gem, by the way. Love it! Saves ton’s of time syncing project to InvisionApp, collaborating with the team etc. I have a special respect for InvisionApp Makers.

This week gave all us an unforgiving and forceful walkthrough. Well, very unforgiving… I have 3 devices with Sketch so logically I’ll get the walkthrough 3 times. No way to skip it Cap! Keep clickin’

Shall we begin?

Mainly I just want options. Often, I really need to stay focused on pushing pixels and solving UX problems, communicating changes to a developer and make changes on the fly. Mainly I’m afraid others will copy this UX for the walkthrough which is like duplicating problems.

Thank you for reading this rant #1. If you have a different opinion please share in comments, would love to read and understand people’s impression on this walkthrough thing…