100 Degrees Below Zero

Movie Review! *extra side of spoilers

So, if you haven’t caught on, my escape from reality is to dive in deep to all things science based fantasy.

Let’s visit the movie 100 Degrees Below Zero, shall we?

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The environmental concept in this movie was pretty intriguing and even slightly believable. Job well done, H. Perry Horton, on setting the plot line for possible scenarios. I would love to hear from a geophysicist on if this is probable and the percentage rate for occurrence.

Photo brought to you by Google. Sue me.

Sara Malakul Lane made it an incredibly difficult challenge to watch the entire movie from beginning to end. To keep it simply:

← You either look like this and do soft core porn *cough cough Jailbait*


You have a seriously decent acting career.

Unless you’re Angelina Jolie. That bitch does it all.

For being someone so far under the radar with experience, Marc McKevitt Ewins didn’t give me a ‘gouge my eyes out’ experience. Besides my normal focal point being his teeth, I found him to be handsome on a normal scale.

Here we go with some (probably incorrect) numbers crunching. We all remember the movie Clerks from ’94, right? That movie was created using only approximately 5% of the total budget used to create this disaster of a movie — and Clerks totally blows it out of the water. I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that I will purposely go out of my way to be cautious that I never watch another film by The Asylum. *That previous sentence is false as fuck due to my curiosity of all things sci-fi but it added nice impact.*

In case you’re like “Damn, girl. Keep your opinions to yourself.”, this is a place for criticism from me, a lame fangirl, using entirely my own thoughts. I openly accept all opposing points.

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