So you saying that you knew that James Damore was right and you and others like you still believed…
Sceptical Meerkat

No, I’m not saying that “he was right.” I’m saying that both political sides tend to rely on straw men for their arguments. Liberals don’t really want to ignore science. They just know that if they acknowledge any (minor, nuanced) difference between the sexes, there’s a chance it will be used as a policy bludgeon against women.

I don’t think he should have been fired for having his opinions. He should have been fired because of the way in which he expressed those opinions. It showed a lack of maturity and a serious problem with communication skills, which are both necessary in a large, elite organization like Google.

He clearly spent a lot of time working on the piece. Yet rather than suggesting a working group or trying to find someone within the company willing to take up his cause, he used a company listserv so broad that his memo went “internally viral”.

Is that really the stuff of a good employee?

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