Sceptical Meerkat

  1. Who exactly is the fascist mob? Half of the country? Just Californians? (For what it’s worth, I haven’t spent much time in California lately, but the dogmatic ideological militancy unsettles me.)
  2. Why would I want to go through the effort of writing this simply to justify his firing? I was attempting to make the point that social trust matters.
  3. Have you read the arguments in the piece? If you have any thoughts about them, I’m happy to discuss, but it seems silly to come here and comment that way without even considering my point thoroughly.
  4. I wasn’t attacking him, I was responding to his memo’s arguments, which I consider to be a significant step up from most of the dialogue about it so far. He also doesn’t really seem to mind the attention.

I’d be happy to discuss the post with you in good faith, because I do support the First Amendment in all its messy glory.

But you’re just calling me a fascist, which, LOL, join the club. Far-left types have done the same thing. It’s a sign I’m doing something right, I guess.

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