Building an experience framework
Pinterest Engineering

Or you could drop the “experience” nonsense and stop trying to curate for us until you build a functional system. Using Pinterest used to be fun for me. I could log on and see what my friends had pinned, in the order they pinned it. I could refresh the “Everything” page and see new, current content, that people were actively pinning right that minute. I could curate my own boards the way I wanted to.

Now it’s like I’m working with a half-witted “research assistant” halfway around the world, over a sketchy ICQ connection, who doesn’t speak more than three words of English, but thinks they know exactly what I want to see, and only has the contents of a Little Free Library to pick from.

I’m sick of seeing the same few hundred pins over and over and over again. I’m sick of having to visit each of my friends’ boards to see what they’ve pinned lately, and I’m REALLY freakin’ sick of Pinterest thinking it knows what I want when it doesn’t even speak my language, much less understand what I’m asking for.

Fix it. Please.

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