My Mediterranean Paradise :

The Island of Gozo

Have you ever dreamed of a beautiful and adventurous place for the affordable price? I did! Here is a short story how I ended up on Gozo and realized that this island is the place to be!

Once upon a time I was visiting my Mom in The Netherlands and had a huge number of plans about what to do and what to visit during my summer vacation (at that time I was still living in Azerbaijan). But all my brilliant plans were successfully ruined by the Dutch weather, full with non-stop raining and the wind. I was whining and complaining to my Mom every single day and after one week her patience was over… We sat together to find a place to visit, where we could enjoy the sun and the real summer weather. Firstly we started with Spain and Italy, but due to the peak season prices were unbelievable and not affordable for us. Couple hours later while checking my Facebook timeline I came across my colleague, who was Maltese and decided to check the flight availability to Malta from The Netherlands. To my surprise it was almost twice cheaper than in Spain or Italy, so the decision was made pretty fast and we started to pack our luggage…

Gozo & Comino map

The first city which usually comes to travelers’ minds, when someone mentions about Malta is its capital-Valletta. However, Valetta is not the only place that is worth visiting in Malta. Another fascinating and beautiful place is Gozo Island, which is definitely must see!

So that you have a bit more information, I’m going to give you a bit of an overview of this magical place. Gozo Island is the part of the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, which is the second largest island after Malta itself. The island has a population of around 37,000 people, and its inhabitants are called Gozitans. It has been inhabited since 5000 BC, when Sicilian people crossed the sea and discovered this island. Gozo does not have its own airport, though this island can be easily reached by ferry taken from the Malta coast, which departs every 45 minutes and takes around 25 minutes to get there. Now let’s digress from these numbers and facts and imagine yourself lying on the warm golden sand on one of the Gozo’s beaches….Noisy white seagull are flying over the crystal blue water of the Mediterranean Sea, you hear the rustle of waves and drinking freshly mixed fruity smoothie….Sounds like a paradise, right? Right. But, actually, it is not the only place which makes Gozo so amazing and unforgettable. There are many more other places, which definitely worth visiting!

Fascinating Architecture.

Church’s Dome in Xewkija village

For those who are interested in history and architecture will be the must to see some of the Island’s highlights. Let me introduce you some of them, which impressed me the most. Ggantija- the 5500-year-old temple complex and also UNESCO World Heritage Site on Gozo is one of the oldest man-made religious objects in the World. Another enormous building is Church’s Dome in Gozo’s Xewkija village, which is 75 meters high and 27 meters wide- is the third largest unsupported dome in Europe, after St. Peter’s in Rome and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Another interesting fact about the architecture on Gozo, is that despite its small population and small size there are 46 churches on the island…Just imagine, 46!

the Old Prison

For those who want to see something unusual to get some mixed feelings, I can suggest visiting the Old Prison, to see and understand how life in Gozo’s prison was like from the 16th century on. This construction was very well-preserved, so now you can see the way it looked in the 19th century. (Tip!) To get to the old prison you need to pay the Joint Admission fee to Citadella sites, which includes not only the Old Prison but also the Folklore Museum, the Gozo Archaeology Museum and the Natural Science Museum!

Boat trip to the Blue Lagoon and Comino- the moment you want to get lost for a while!

The Island of Comino (that girl in the red life vest is me :))

Blue Lagoon is one of the best beaches in Malta- golden sand, clear turquoise water- it seems that boats and yachts are just flying over the water! It is very easy to get there- you can book a boat trip either from Gozo, or Malta itself and spend half of the day on this magical oasis. Optionally, you can be allowed to dive from the boat and swim in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea with or without life jacket. From my personal experience I can say, that you get extremely excited when you realize that there is 8 meters depth under your legs and any fish, sea animal or creature may appear any time right next to you! On the way to (or from, depending on the tour plan) Blue Lagoon you will pass by the Comino island, one of the small islands of the Maltese archipelago. This island is car-free, has only one hotel (!) and is almost uninhabited. Here you also can enjoy the beautiful sceneries of aquamarine water, feel the scent of different wild herbs, get the excellent photo opportunities, as well as collect a lot of unforgettable memories to share with your friends and family!

This was just a small part of what you can experience during your trip to the Island of Gozo, there is much more to do and see! So come back soon to see the continuation of my adventures on this island :)