Working Principle of KOSUN Zero-dischange Equipment

Various countries and regions increasingly stringent environmental regulations, so that oil and gas operators and drilling contractors feel the pressure. Hence the need to reduce emissions of drilling waste, changing the original drilling mud and drilling waste treatment process. At the same time, changes in oil prices, but also through scientific and rational process of drilling waste, the recovery and recycling of water, diesel and other precious mud materials to achieve the purpose of saving the cost of drilling seem more important.

To meet the drilling mud and drilling waste mud treatment need not fall, Xun machinery organize technical team and technology to overcome domestic and foreign industry experts, technical improvements in the traditional dryer, increasing the flushing device such as smart electronic pulses, the gas source systems, air conditioning systems, water filters and other new technologies supporting a number of successful development of the second generation of mechanical Xun cuttings dryer VC-2000. The device is in the configuration parameters, process, technical operations made many improvements to the successful application of drilling waste disposal areas, is so far the world’s first successfully applied in the processing of water-based mud cuttings dryer.

Works drier cuttings: cuttings from the top of the debris hopper into the slurry drier fall inside the separation zone, with the rapid rotation of the inner cone rotating body rotation experience with great centrifugal force (separation factor of 360). Since the liquid and solid phases of different gravity, attached to the drill cuttings slurry will pass through the screen, while leaving the inside of the mesh solid meet. Liquid will be discharged from the manifold, the dry solid phase is discharged from the bottom of the device.

KOSUN vertical cuttings dryer, which can effectively deal with water-based, oil-based and synthetic-based drilling fluids and drill cuttings generated extremely dry, reducing emissions cuttings recovered a large number of drilling fluid, reducing drilling costs, while protecting the environment.