Should Hillary Still Be Prosecuted?
Michael Tracey

I voted for Stein and I don’t consider myself a fan of fascism, but I think Hillary should still be prosecuted for the following reasons:

  1. She broke the law. Even without proving intent (which I believe has been proven several times over when you consider the leaked emails and documents released by the FBI that they apparently didn’t read), mishandling of classified info is a misdemeanor crime. And then there’s the lying and destroying of evidence to consider. I’ve been told it’s a felony to lie to the FBI even if you’re not “under oath” at the time, but honestly even if the lying isn’t a crime, the mishandling still is. There’s a navy machinist named Kristian Saucier who is going to jail for a year because he took some classified pictures of his submarine and then left them on his phone when he disposed of it. There was no proven intent in his case either — no indication he tried to pass off the pictures to a foreign government — but the one thing he did that HRC didn’t do was have the guts to admit he knew taking the pictures was wrong. HRC on the other hand lied and said she “didn’t recall” any security training as SoS, even though she signed a paper stating she’d received security training. For a young man who signed up to serve his country to go to jail for a year (and his lawyer was thrilled — he could have gotten 5 years or more according to the law) and a rich politician to not even be investigated is a travesty of justice.
  2. This might be selfish on my part, but even knowing that HRC is rich and powerful and will never see a day of jail time even if she’s convicted of everything she’s been accused of, I really want that GUILTY stamp on her record so the Democrats aren’t dumb enough to run her again in 2020. I don’t want to live the rest of my life under Republican rule.