Logbook 01 I Benoit and Guanguan, EDHEC students

The new school year begins and one part of MSc Data Analytics & Artifical Intelligence students are enrolled in the “FullStack du Wagon” program. Monday September 10th they all have an appointment at Le Wagon Lille to set up their computer to be ready to start these 9 weeks of intensive coding bootcamp.

Nine weeks where they will learn to code, but also to build a product using different Data, according to an Agile philosophy, while having a very Lean approach in its development. All this surrounded by enthusiastic people who are passionate about sharing their skills.

A look back at the first 5 weeks of Benoit Legendre and GuanGuan Hu during the bootcamp of Le Wagon.

— Why is it important to learn to code today?
Benoit: Learning to code helps to understand how new technologies work. That seems essential to me today.

Guan Guan: Half of the things we use in our daily lives come from computer programs. We no longer make a trip without Google Maps, we order our dinner via an app’, and no one can imagine spending more than two days without a smartphone. Learning to code is very useful for work but also to better understand how today’s business works.

Benoît Legendre & GuanGuan Hu at Euratechnologies

— How did you experience these first 5 weeks of bootcamp?
Benoit: We have to admit, it’s a very intense training! We have to work hard because we have to learn a lot of things in a few weeks.
The first few weeks are quite abstract : the more you progress in the training, the more concrete and very interesting things become. When I look back 5 weeks I think I’ve learned a lot !

Guan Guan: Intense! We are learning a new language that needs to be understood in a particular way. To perform, we must organize ourselves in order to quickly gain new skills. I can’t wait to find out what’s next !

— What did you learn in 5 weeks?
 Benoit: In 5 weeks we learn the main languages allowing us to code small programs. We also learn to work in a team and manage a web development project.

Guanguan: It creates a solid foundation that will allow me to know how a developer works and reasons. It teaches me a new way of thinking.

— What have you preferred so far?
Benoit: I really enjoyed the first week of Front End because we can use our creativity! In a very short time, we are able to do very concrete things. I also liked the scrapping techniques because it can be used to do growth hacking.

Guanguan: I think the courses are well organized. The content is clear and we can put all this into practice during the day’s exercises. We are supported while being very autonomous in the way we solve a problem, that’s what I really like about the Wagon !

— What are your objectives until the end of the bootcamp?
Benoit: Be able to code a real web application with a real MVP in a team. Acquire a developer mindset in order to continue learning to code after Le Wagon during my MSc with learning Python and R.

Guanguan: Perform and understand the entire Front and Back process. For now, my objective until the end of the bootcamp is to continue to be assiduous in order to enrich my skills.

🔜 The next part soon with Benoit and Guanguan’s feedback after the 9 weeks of bootcamp !

🚀 Le Wagon is a 9 weeks full-stack bootcamp based out of 27 cities in 19 countries. We’re bringing coding skill to creative people ! If you want to join us, you are welcome !