Bruce Rauner, Republican, the governor of Illinois was inaugurated in 2014. He has no political background prior to 2014. Rauner won over his opponents with 50.3-percent of the Illinois vote. Rauner, born in Deerfield Illinois, 1957, attended Dartmouth College for his undergrad and then earned his MBA at Harvard.

Illinois’ 42 governor put his degree in economics to good use. He worked for Golder, Thoma, Cressey (GTCR) for over 30 years. In 2012, Rauner opened a self-venture firm. He has invested over $15 million dollars in small businesses. Rauner also served as Chairman of Choose Chicago and the Chicago Public Education Fund until 2013.

Rauner is extremely interested in funding and fixing Chicago schools. His current budget will increase the funding for Chicago public schools by $120 million. This increase would put the budget for education at $10 billion. He has fought for charter high schools and scholarships for students. According to the Chicago Tribune, Rauner “wants to be known as an education governor.” His plan is to recover Illinois businesses ad economy, which will in turn, recover and prosper the public school system.

His stance on abortion and homosexual marriage is unknown.

Three other major topics of Rauners reign were job creation, freezing property taxes and fixing the pension cost.

Governor Rauner has briefly spoken about the Syrian refugee crisis. In short, he is not in concordance with President Obama concerning the crisis.

Rauner seems very interested in creating an equal system for every Illinois citizen, across fields. He wants to manage term limits and create a fair map of Illinois. He also wants to put tax payers and not special interests first.

Rauner lives in Springfield with his wife Diana and their six children. Rauner prides himself on wearing an $18 watch and driving an old van. Rauner is of Swedish heritage and enjoys hunting. Rauner is the first Republican governor of Illinois since 2003.


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