Who, What, When, Where, Why, How and lead and 2nd paragraph

Malpractice Suit

Who: William Hamilton, Barney Olive and Stephen Rogers

What: Lawyer for plaintiff, William Hamilton, has a heart attack during a trail and Barney Olive and Stephen Rogers step in and help him, saving his life.

When: Unknown- heart attack is during the final arguments

Where: ?

Why: Unknown, Hamilton is 73

How: Olive and Rogers work quickly

Lead: Lawyer William Hamilton, had a heart attack during his final remarks in a malpractice trial Tuesday when the doctors being sued, Barney Olive and Stephen Rogers, quickly stepped in, saving Hamilton’s life.

2nd paragraph: Hamilton is a plaintiff lawyer for Bertie McNicholls, who is suing Olive and Barney for malpractice. Hamilton was taken to Riverside Hospital, where both Olive and Barney practice medicine. The trial is to resume next week.

Alumni Festival

Who: LU Alumni Association

What: spring festival

When: April, baseball season

Where: Football field

Why: To raise money for school library

How: Games, contests, pledges

Lead: Liberty University Alumni Association is planning to host a spring festival at Williams Stadium this April with hopes to raise money for the Jerry Falwell Library.

2nd paragraph: The festival tentative date is in April, depending on the Liberty baseball team playoff schedule. The festival will include games, contests, barbeque lunch and a baseball game. Essentially, the festival is a fundraiser for the Jerry Falwell Library and a time for alumnus to reconnect. “This kind of activity is one of the positive things we can do to make this university a better educational institution,” Alumni President Bobby Don Willis said.


Who: Wilbur Straking and following

What: will speak with legislators about evolution being taught in class

When: next Monday

Where: state cap

Why: Disgruntled over evolution being taught at university

How: straking and 25 others will speak with legislators

Lead: Pastor Wilbur Straking and 25 others will speak with legislators Sept. 30 in hopes to change evolution based biology curriculum at Chicago University.

2nd paragraph: The pastor of Ever-Faithful Church of the Living Water commented on pro-evolution teachings of the associate professor of biology, Laura Cliff, when he said, “…we want to put a stop to it.” Neither Cliff nor Chicago University president have commented on Strakings moves towards the university curriculum changes.


Who: Ellie Matson and Amburns Produce Market

What: Matson is suing the market

When: today

Where: Circuit Court

Why: Negligence and her suffering

How: beans on floor, she slipped and suffered many injuries and expenses

Lead: Today local woman sues Amburns Produce Market for $100,000 over negligence.

2nd paragraph: Ellie Matson is suing Amburns Produce Market for $100,000 to cover medical expense and lost income after her was injured at the market. Matson slipped on green beans on the floor of the market and broke her hip. The incident happened April 1, 2016 and Matson is still financially and physically recovering.

Agreement Announced:

Who: Union and company

What: Union and company will make joint announcement and have reached collective bargaining agreement


When: Tonight

Why: Would have stopped production at the company and lost 457 jobs

How: bargaining agreement

Lead: Ambrose Steel Company and United Steelworkers Local 923 have saved 457 local jobs by reaching collective bargaining agreement and will announce details at union meeting Sept. 4.

2nd paragraph: Details of the new deal between Ambrose Steel Company and United Steelworkers Local 923 will be announced Sept. 4 at the union meeting. The agreement has caused the strike at midnight to be called off. President of Ambrose Steel company, Clyde Parris, spoke positively about the new wages agreement portion of the contract, but did not reveal any details.