The Potato Pancake Lady

I love potato pancakes. And my favorite breakfast restaurant, “The Original Pancake House”, specializes in potato pancakes. However, I like potato pancakes to be cooked “my way”. When I would eat at that restaurant I would explain “my way” to our waitperson so they could pass it on to the cook. They usually were able to make them according to my specifications and they were delicious. So delicious in fact, I started eating there a lot. Frequently I would take clients, family and friends for lunch. I went so often that the owner and staff knew me and my request for the potato pancakes to be cooked “well done, crispy, with extra sour cream and extra applesauce.” Sometimes (back in the day when I owned my own staffing company), if I wanted potato pancakes and we were super busy at work, I would call ahead to the restaurant and just identify myself as “the potato pancake lady”. I’d place my order to be turned in and I would head to the restaurant. They knew what to do from there.

When I arrived, “voila” my potato pancakes were waiting—cooked “my way”.

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