Watching all of Paul Thomas Anderson: Phantom Thread

On Christmas this year my husband and I saw Phantom Thread on 70mm here in New York. It was a magical experience and has inspired us to rewatch, chronologically, all of Paul Thomas Anderson’s feature films. So, I’m here to invite you along for this journey. I won’t be recapping the stories, no exhaustive research, just trying to understand what they have in common, how they fit together and what I can learn from this dude. No real spoilers but this will probably be pretty boring if you haven’t see the movies.

“After all we’ve been through, I think it will give me courage.”

This line is an acknowledgement of a rich history; sad, dark. It sounds romantic but it is open to maybe represent a different kind of relationship that Reynolds might have had unlike the ones we see on screen. Either way, what she wants in this moment is courage to face the moment ahead, and she understands that this beautiful object and the meaning it carries are important in building that within her. No matter the past or the the challenge to come this dress is a powerful totem.

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