7 Rejections
Brian Chesky

I loved my experiences with airbnb, in fact, you guys dropped us off some fantastic cookies during our airbnb stay near disneyland for posting on our IG. We want to travel the world, I want to travel the world with airbnb. Many of my friends with kids do not think airbnb is great for families, I want to show them that it is. I am proposing a reality TV Show pitch. Title: AIRBNB Family. Logline: California family travels the world with Airbnb. We will provide tips on traveling with small children and exposure of Airbnbs around the world, marketing to families. We would be highlighting the unique experience each airbnb host brings in a docu-style reality series and bring more business to airbnb/hosts, in exchange for filming rights and/or accomodations. The main characters are myself, Lisa CLontz, My Husband, Edward Kuntze and our two children, Ethan 4 mos old and EJ 4 years old. Each character brings a unique pov and personality, bringing a lot of entertainment to the show! We will also highlight any tours/experiences/attractions with affiliates and/or businesses at the destination, hopefully in exchange for the exposure or at cost, via sponsorship. We are hoping to have airbnb and airline affiliates partner/sponsor us for travel expenses during pilot filming — with given mention, etc. If picked up, this would give airbnb producer credit, a new angle of marketing & exposure. We will pitch to producers working with the travel channel (discover network), netflix original series, hulu original series and independently pitch to amazon studios and tvwritersvault. If we are picked up as a new reality series, we will then negotiate any further compensation beyond travel accomodations/needs. If airbnb is not interested in partnering or sponsoring us, we are unsure how to legally pursue our goal of our reality show based around airbnb family travel, with us as the travelers. I hope to hear from you, as we are excited and believe this will be a win-win situation for both airbnb and ourselves. We believe the show has massive potential, as there are not currently mainstream family travel or airbnb exclusive shows. I look forward to hearing from you. This was the only way I found to reach to the Marketing Team/CEO of airbnb when I called our local SF airbnb office. I hope this finds the right people, I read your disclosure about ideas and I sincerely believe in the good will of the company and do not believe you will use this idea without us. If we are unable to work together, we still hope to move forward independently. Thank you!

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