birthday present

It was my fourteenth bithday, and we (me, my brother, mom and dad) went to an amusement park. I just love riding rollercoasters, ever since I was a kid. »You sure you’ll go on that thing there?« he asked. »Of course, dummy. It’s not like this is my first time riding one« I answered. But somehow I hadn’t got a good feeling. That rollercoaster seemed to be much faster and harder than all the other ones I had ever rode before. »A-As long as you’re with me-« »Hm?« I suddenly realized I had been talking out loud. »N-Nothing!« »Umm… okay..?«. I turned away and blushed. »Why do you have to make fun of me line that you idiot« I thought when we stepped into the rollercoaster. A feeling of uneasiness went through my whole body. A tension started to build up the moment I sat down. The seats closed up on us, and suddenly- I felt his warm hand on mine. All the uneasiness, the tension, the fear disappeared in the fraction of a second. I looked over to him to see him grinning.

The day had been fantastic. We had so much fun spending the time together. Just enjoying ourselves.

Later on in the evening, we decided to go into a hotel. My parents apparently had drunk alcohol and were not able to drive us back home. We checked in and went to our rooms. Like always, I got on a room together with onii-chan, my parents going in their own. We went in, and I threw myself on my bed. He took my luggage and carried it for me. »Pretty tired, right?« »Mmmmn« »It’s okay« he said with a smile. »Just relax over there, I’ll get everything done here«

I watched him carrying everything away. He lied down on his bed, turning his face my way. He took out his mobile and startet tapping around on it. »Nii…« I said. »Hm?« »Could you turm off the lights?« »Oh right, I forgot, sorry«. He jumped up, went to the lightswitch and turned the lights off. Silence filled the room. I could hear his bed’s covers being dragged around. I forgot I hadn’t even changed yet. He had just thrown his pants through the room and lied there in boxers. I blushed hardly while thinking about it. »Hey« he said. »W-W-What?!« I suddenly responded. The question really had gooten me off guard. »Wanna come over here? It’s kinda cold in here, you know« he asked. Without answering, I crawled out of my bed. I took off my pants and quickly went under the covers. I turned my back to him, trying to hide my emberassement, but he clinged onto me. First, I felt his warmth. He was so warm even when he said he’s cold. Second — I felt -something- growing bigger in my back. It took no time to realize him trying not to let me feel it. I blushed hardly, again. I didn’t know what to do. But before I began to list all the things I could do — I just began rubbing it with my hand. I could hear him breathing a little heavier. I went under his boxers. It was already wet, precum probably. Because of my fingers being a little cold, it felt like his thing was burning hot. I began fondling my own nipple. Touching both things simultaniously… felt so lewd. He began kissing my neck, what surprised me, leading to a »Ha-«.

I turned around, kissed him, went down his body and took off his boxers.

I moved my head forward, my lips closing around his dick. It felt so much bigger than it looked like from when I saw it in our daily life. I was always thinking about it when I was touching myself, but this was something very different. I started sucking it lightly, then stronger. It smelled so lewd, I couldn’t think straight even after only a few seconds had passed. I enjoyed it so much. Seeing him blushing, smiling, and me being the cause of it. I started putting it deeper into my mouth, again and again, bringing it back up and licking it again. He started twitching. »You look phretty cute, you hnow?« I said with a smile. »N-No I think I d-don- Ah«. He gasped. I started giggling. “Don’t you try to deny it« »Yeah ye- shit that’s good! I’m going to cum now-« »I’ll just-«

In that moment, my mouth filled up with all of his juices. He came and came again. When he stopped, I began swallowing it little by little. »Dericioush« was the only thing I could say. He smiled and patted my head. »Wanna change places?« I giggled. »I’d love to« »Then come here.« He quickly took off the last thing I was wearing, my panties, and bent over towards my lower parts. I blushed and turned away. The moment he started licking me down there, a loud gasp came out of me. Then he started fiddling my nipples next to licking me. »Does it feel good?« It really felt great was what I wanted to say, but in that second I began to moan. He put his tongue even further in. »Ah- please, I can’t-« but i had to moan again. Loudly. »You should keep your voice down. Maybe they’ll wake up because of your loud noises here and come visit us, you don’t want that, right?”« and smiled at me. I blushed even harder than I did before and tried to keep my mouth shut with my hands. But I couldn’t last them there for a very long time. It just felt too great. My strenght went out of my arms. »Ah- I-I’m going to-« was the last thing I could say. It felt like ascending into heaven. The thought of my brother touching me, us two finally being able to do this, the sensation, my mind was going blank.

»You looked really cute when you came«. The only way to react was to look away, blushing, heavily breathing. »Do you want to go a step further?« »Yes…«

I found myself sitting on his lap. »This is emberrassing, onii-chan…« »Just bear with it. I’ll make you feel good in just a second. Are you ready?« »Yes, just don’t let me wait any longer«. I took his thing in my hand and guided it towards my pussy, until the point where it eventually touched it. I began moving up and down, rubbing it between my legs. I began breathing stronger. (My body began to shake as it got hotter and hotter.) Then I got it in position and let my body down. I could feel his hot, big penis entering me. And it began to hurt like crazy. I just stayed in position, (trying not to let him see the tears that just got up,) trying to blend out the pain. I pushed myself up, while he helped by grabbing my hips and supporting my position. »Did it hurt?« »Well- yeah« »I am sorry. I hope this will make you feel better though«. I lowered my body so that I was now lying on him, my hands balled to fists resting on his chest, moving only my hips up and down. I did it a few more times until I noticed they were moving completely on their own. »Nhhh-« »Ahh-« »Ngghh-« were the only things I could bring up. It felt fucking great. I couldn’t even see his face clearly anymore, concentrating became much harder — my mind was going blank. Not long after that, all my strenght went out of my body. »Nii-chan…« I said. He nodded. »Okay, I’ll take the lead from now on« he said as he suddenly turned me sideways, getting me to lay on my back. He came near to my face, whispering »I love you« and thrusting it into me again. Faster. Harder. Deeper. So. Much. Deeper. I began to moan, loudly. The sensation just got too big. I felt too great. I was happy. I looked into his eyes as I shut mine and clenched my teeth. I came. Again. »P-Please s-stop I- just came-« He looked into my eyes and grinned. »But wouldn’t that be unfair? I mean, I didn’t come yet. But I’ll try to make it quick« was what he said when he continued pounding him into me. I was at my complete limit. This was all I could handle. »I’m cumming!« was the last thing I could hear before feeling the warm stuff inside me, followed by me closing my eyes, ready to fall asleep.

»I love you, onii-chan« I said and smiled.

»I love you too«



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