Lilly Berg

The definition of Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit organization that does research into and gives advice on contraception, family planning and reproductive problems. Planned Parenthood was started by Margaret Sanger. Who made it her life’s goal to promote birth control and safe sex, and made it a safe place for women to go. Sanger achieved this goal, but all her hard work could be taken away. Planned Parenthood is facing the challenge that why may be defunded. The result of Planned Parenthood being defunded is a terrible thing for women all over the world.

I believe that Planned Parenthood is a necessary resource for young women. This organization matters for many reasons. The first one is that it is a safe place to go. If you are a young woman, wanting to have sex. But you are not ready to tell you parents, and you want to have protected sex. This is a great place to go. They will give you free birth control and condoms; and they will never make you feel ashamed. Another reason this is a helpful resource is if you get pregnant. If you are a young woman who has become pregnant; and you know now in your life, it’s not the right time. They will help you with whatever you need. They have many options based were you are in the pregnancy. They could give you plan b, or set you up with a doctor for an abortion. No matter what they will not judge you, only support your choice. Planned Parenthood is also a great place for expecting mothers. They can come to Planned Parenthood and get help with family planning. Planned Parenthood also gives free mammograms, and free STD screening. So not matter what your finical situation is, you can always find help at Planned Parenthood. One other reason that Planned Parenthood is a necessary place. If you are having trouble trying to have a baby, they can help. They can set you up with a specialist, that will help you through the process. So overall no matter what problem you have, Planned Parenthood can help you. The people at Planned Parenthood will help with whatever question or problem you have; and they make it a priority that you have the best environment for you. Planned Parenthood also teaches young women is that no matter what your going through, there will always be someone who you can help you through it.

There are a lot of people who are against Planned Parenthood. Most of their reasons stem from the pro-life, pro-choice disagreement. One example of people against Planned Parenthood are religions groups, they are against it for primarily two reasons. The two reasons are they are against Planned Parenthood is because Planned Parenthood is pro-choice, and believes in contraception, which goes against some religious group’s beliefs. There are also political reason people are against Planned Parenthood. The Republican candidate for the 2016 presidency, Donald Trump, is against Planned Parenthood. He feels this way because he is pro-life. Trump has even stated “I Am Committed to Defunding It” (Steven Ertelt, By Trump having this opinion, it will make his voters not support Planned Parenthood. Which shows how opinions about Planned Parenthood, can be swayed do to the Presidential debate.

This statement also is true for the Democratic party. The Democratic party the is nominee, Hilary Clinton, is pro-choice. Clinton has stated her support by saying “As President I will always have your back” (Steven Ertelt, By having Clinton become president, it could show people how great Planned Parenthood really is, and what its really about.

People in this world hold so many different positions on the pro-life, pro-choice situation. But people need to realize that Planned Parenthood is so much more than abortion. And that shutting it down could possibly be one of the biggest mistakes our country could make.

Without planned Parenthood, the lives of women all over the world will be ever changed. This is one of the biggest recourse we have as women. As women we should have the choice to do what we want with our bodies. And the choice too guides our own lives. Planned Parenthood gives us a safe and welcoming environment to do so. If Planned Parenthood were to go away, women would have to find another option. Again this is a great place to go if a woman is not ready to have a baby. Without Planned Parenthood, she would find another way to terminate the pregnancy. But with Planned Parenthood you can be in a much safer controlled environment, rather than getting into a bad situation. Also again with safe sex. If you are a young woman not ready to tell your parents, this is a great place to go. But if this recourse was to be gone, there could be a possible rise in teen pregnancy. Planned Parenthood also gives out mammograms and SDT testing; just shows how they also can save lives. This just shows that Planned Parenthood is not only about abortion, but have many valuable resources for women’s health.

The main reason Planned Parenthood needs to be funded is because it’s all about women’s choice. The choice for women to project their bodies. The choice for women to choose to have a baby. Planned Parenthood offers women the resources to make their lives for them and their child better. The choice to help women conceive children. It’s all the about the choice. If Planned Parenthood get taken away, so will women’s choices.

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