One of the big issues in our country now, is Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger. When Margaret founded Planned Parenthood, she was looking to make it easier for women to receive birth control, and help them with any other family matters. Planned Parenthood now is used nationwide, to help women. Many people agree with Planned Parenthood, but many don’t.

One of the biggest controversial things about Planned Parenthood; is the support of abortions. Currently now in the 2016 presidential debate there is a lot of heat around it. The Republican nominee in the debate Donald Trump is against Planned Parenthood. He has said “I am committed to defunding it.” Trump supports pro-life. He is very against abortions. He has also stated that he will not fund Planned Parenthood if they continue to help women receive abortions. As for the Democratic nominee she supports Planned Parenthood. Hilary Clinton has said to Planned Parenthood “As President I will always have your back.” Clinton has stated that she is pro-choice. Showing that she will support Planned Parenthood and all their choices. Some states have even cut their funding to Planned Parenthood, because of abortions. Another thing happening in the government with Planned Parenthood, is Obama. President Obama has passed a rule that states can no longer choose not to fund Planned Parenthood. Some states were defunding Planned Parenthoods, because of the fact that Planned Parenthood support abortions.

Some religious groups also to do not support Planned Parenthood. The main group is the Christians; also along with all the branches of Christianity. They do not support it because of Planned Parenthoods belief in contraception, and abortion. The Archbishop has even stated that “Catholics cannot support pro-abortion candidates.” As for religious groups like Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhism, they have not spoken out, or if they have it is not as aggressively.

Abortion, is one of the most focused on thigs, about Planned Parenthood. But not many know that there is so much more to the organization. But as for now most of the buzz around Planned Parenthood, is about abortion.