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Listen, friend. Life is not meant to feel draining, praying for the weekend or next vacation to come. What about all those little moments of opportunity in between?

Today I’d love to share with you my 3 best techniques to feel better fast. Are you curious? Here we go. …


Deep down we all long for it. We all have seen it in someone else’s life before, so we know it’s possible.

We’ve heard about it in the news, and read it in a book, it’s the basic storyline of every movie ever made.

The breakthrough.

Once achieved, it seems like the easiest thing in the world. Everything magically falls into place in that…

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Dear me-from-the-past,

Listen closely. If you’d known this earlier, working with your team would have been so much more fun and productive.

A company’s success is based on the team’s effort, that’s not the news. That the team is only as strong as its weakest link — “Yes, what else’s new.” …

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Thank you, StockSnap!

We all have them, we all hate them — bad habits. They stick to our shoe like day-old chewing gum. No matter how many wise quotes we read and inspiring people we try to imitate, they just won’t come off.

Considering the fact that 40–45% of our daily lives are…

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It’s mind-blowing if you think about it. Only within 6 months, I turned around my whole life. All these years before I couldn’t take the plunge and quit with everything that was annoying me. How is it possible to get this far?

The tipping point in my life was a…

Drum rolls — this is my first ever blog post and I chose to kick-off with a milestone check of my journey in the startup & innovation scene so far.

A little ‘behind the scenes’
You’ve got to remember, back in Europe of 2012 the term ‘startup’ was such a foreign…

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