User Testing

Navigating through news on the web and a smartphone can be very different. But how would people be able to find what they are looking for online? Here are six different user tasks for six different personae, the results and their journey through the paper prototypes.

Task #1 User Test

Task #1 Find the latest news about Wellington (on smartphone): From the Main Page > Menu > National (Error) End of test. User’s opinion was, she thought there would be another tab to show more options to the different parts of New Zealand.

Task #2 Find an article with video (smartphone/web): Success! User found the little video ‘play’ button on the home page to a news article.

Task #3 Find the latest article on The Dominion Post site:

Task #4 Find latest news on the All Blacks: From the Main Page > Sport > Rugby > All Blacks (User chose the first article on the top). However, there were way too many pages to go through.

Task #2 User Test

Task #5 Find the latest news on politics:

Task #6 Find out how you can contribute to

Task #4 User Test

(to be continued…)

(Read this from the right page to the left) User Testing Observations

In conclusion: There were some section titles that needed to be re-thought, like “National” can be a very misleading section title. And also the misleading interpretation that political news would be under the impression of the “World” section. And also maybe looking into reducing the amount of pages to sieve through to get to a particular sports news. Other than that, the website has a good use of symbols to indicate an article with a video attached.

Thus, maybe changing the section title “National” to “Local”, adding “Politics” as part of the navigation bar, and having a dropdown of what is included in each section title when the mouse hovers over them could reduce the amount of time spent per page on the web are just some ways to improve the site.