The Virtual Workbook

222.357 Module 1: Guide / Web

Design Studio IIIA (Visual Communication Design)

Whitiwhiti kōrero & Tautoko: Design to guide

Aim: To develop an understanding of the design process as applied to website design, including consideration of user needs and usability (the ease of use of a website), user testing, applying relevant style and functionality, and current technology and best practice.

Overview: Whitiwhiti kōrero & Tautoko

Whitiwhiti kōrero is the process of developing discourse through the verbal exchange of ideas, it suggests the sparking or generation of discussion. This includes the establishment and negotiation of positions and discourses to establish a kaupapa and work towards an outcome. Tautoko is to demonstrate support or advocate for, and implies a level of consensus, however this goes beyond simplistic notions of support. Tautoko can be used as a means to define/refine exactly what it is you or your group is offering its support to — in this way it includes the negotiations of positions.

Project Brief

“While having amazing content is always crucial for your website, being able to tell a story through your content is a big plus. Web design in 2015 will likely focus around helping tell a story for users”.
 (Turner, 2015 —

Your task is to work alone or in a pair to design a news website for a New Zealand audience.

The solution must enable users to perform the tasks or reach the information that you have identified and prioritised for the audience (user needs). The solution should be visually and functionally engaging, usable, and suitable within current information consumption patterns online.

While a competent technical level is required, emphasis is placed on well- crafted communication, visual and user experience, rather than how technically complex the submitted solution is.

The “look and feel” of the interface, the tone of language and hierarchy of material should be informed by the needs of the user as well as critically reflected upon in constructive critiques facilitated within the studio context.

Consider the relevance of your proposal within the context of informing people about their community and their world. Consider semiotics of your design, its broad rhetorical style, and ease of access to information. Rapid iteration and user testing with a range of audiences will be key in the design process.

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