5 Foods to Eat for Whitening your Teeth Naturally!

Teeth Whitening Foods

Even if someone does not have good facial features or a tightened figure, then also a wonderful smile with perfect white teeth can compensate for all the deficits in the looks. However, teeth whitening treatments can often be very confusing for us as well as expensive. So there can be some natural ways to do it too. But do you know how to make your teeth white naturally? Very astonishingly, there are several foods which can help us to get whiter teeth and obviously consuming these foods is affordable by all. Let us take a look at some of them.

Broccoli-the wonder vegetable

The role of broccoli as a teeth whitening agent is not that much known to us. But the bare fact is that if you can chew this vegetable raw it acts like a natural tooth brush to clean off the stains as you chew. It is rich in iron and so it can give the enamel a strong coating that can protect it against stains, erosion by acids or bacteria that causes tooth decay.

Orange peels

After enjoying a tasty orange, you can help your teeth to get cleaned up with the orange peels. The peels are acidic in nature and are also rich in Vitamin C. So they have the capability to eradicate tartars and plaques. The inner white part of the orange peel can be rubbed over the teeth to get plaque free glossy teeth.

Strawberries- a sweet smile producer

If a paste of strawberry and baking soda is applied on your teeth. It works as a remarkable teeth whitening agent. However, one needs to brush the teeth well after the application of this paste as because the strawberry-baking soda paste contains a lot of sugars.

Carrots-a natural tooth stain cleaner

It’s a fact that chewing a carrot helps to clean the tooth stains being abrasive in nature. Rubbing the bright roots of this winter vegetable over your teeth renders a handsome polish to them.

Cheese- giving you a perfect “say cheese” look!

The lactic acid present in cheese helps to remove stains and also protects the teeth from plaques caused by germ build-up over residual food particles. However, this will not work if it’s taken along with wine.

Over and above, if all your home made attempts fail to give you a perfect smile then surely you must see a top cosmetic dentist in London for getting your desired white teeth.