5 Reasons You Should Be Proud You’re an Extrovert
Larry Kim

Hmm. So, let me get this straight: being a social bulldozer is something to be proud of?

I’m guessing you’re joking, but the humor was lost on me. Yeah, this post is super offensive and ignorant (“fragile introverts,” really?), but what really stands out to me is its shallowness. It’s easy to joke about generalized, extreme characters— it’s the low hanging fruit of comedy.

Painting introverts as brooding, depressed wallflowers is uncreative. In fact, it’s lazy. So is depicting extroverts as loud, obnoxious bullies.

Have you ever met an introvert? An extrovert? Your post seems to indicate you haven’t met either.

Good comedy has substance and depth. It doesn’t just sling insults based on cartoonish stereotypes.

And no, extrovert hasn’t become a four-letter word. Everyone still loves extroverts. Sorry you seem to be offended by introverts (a/k/a people) becoming better understood and valued in the workplace.

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