What Happened When I Received a Text Meant for a Married Woman
Carrie Allie

How strange. What a strange place in life he must be in. And how random re: sending a Filipino woman $50. Like, wait, what?

But it seems you handled it well. I would have just been like, “you’re a weirdo” and signed off. You at least gave him a chance to (sort of) redeem himself.

And just out of curiosity, I wonder which one was the real(er) him…you’re right — it’s so interesting how, when and to whom we reveal information about ourselves. Fascinating human dynamics.

And lastly, as I’m sure you know, it’s better when guys show you “how terrible” they are upfront. I used to get really down during the times I’d meet lemon after lemon, but now I’m like, next, please!

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