Questions Girls Want to Ask on the First Date (but really shouldn’t say)
Tiffany Sun

Yikes. If these were meant to be humorous, the humor fell flat. Waaay flat.

I’ll admit that I wonder about a few of these qualities on first dates, but not from a self-interested, shallow POV. It’s more because I’m trying to fill in blanks about him. For example, if he says something like, “I was driving to work the other day…” I’d wonder what kind of car he drove, so that I can paint a mental picture of the scene. But I wouldn’t care if it were Mercedes or a Datsun. (Would a Mercedes be nicer? Sure. But, “drives luxury car,” is not on my checklist.)

Also, some of these questions CAN be asked on a first date. It’s just a matter of tact and being a confident woman. For instance, yes, I do often wonder, “What does this guy want from me?” on dates. Especially in the era of online dating. But rather than feel suspicious and act passive aggressively, I just ask, “So, what are you looking for?” It’s a fair question, in my opinion.