I’m Sorry Mr. Zuckerberg, But You Are Wrong
Rick Webb

So, basically you wanted Facebook to make an algorithm to avoid any news on Trump from going viral or coming up in the news feed? This is what I can interpret from your post. However, I am not sure I am understanding this right. I am not a U.S citizen and could not vote in your elections. But if I could I would have voted against Trump. Nevertheless, I don't agree with your proposition if it is what I think. I think people should be made accountable for their decisions. Not the “invisible” entities like the media or the social media. I do agree that when the media started to focus on the racist and xenophobic rant, his name was blown out of any reasonable proportions for a political candidate. It was viral and international. So, the lesson we must learn from this situation is: don´t fall in the media game. Don´t perpetuate the myth, don´t repeat each and every “bad” thing you read, because you will be contributing to exactly what they are looking for: rating!

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