You Can Buy Mets Everything!

On occasion, whether I’m just extremely bored or feel like procrastinating on homework, I find myself browsing It provides comedic relief whether it be the outrageous prices or the ridiculous objects they decide to put Mets logos on. Here are few that especially made me giggle, cringe or blow my head off.

Here’s an email I received from MLB Shop last month while promoting their back to school items.

I clicked on the link and found these two items in the “Back to School Gear” section.

WHY DO YOU NEED A FLASK IN SCHOOL? I’m a student myself and I’m pretttttty sure if I were caught carrying one I’d get some very interesting looks (and a suspension). And what middle schooler needs a wine bottle holder in the shape of some “Mets” player? Oh well, you do you MLB. These also sell some very, hmm, overpriced items.

$15 for a single pair of underwear?!? $47 for shorts?!? $16 for some napkins, a spreader and place mat?!? Have they heard of Target and Walmart? And they wonder why they don’t sell even under the clearance section.

They sell 4 different types of golf bags, so Cespedes ought to use one of them. Right?

Awww, matching overpriced dresses which could probably double as a drawstring backpack.


Honestly, I’ve never considered a talking bottle opener or thought about the need for one, but I guess the Mets sell one. And a Sportula? Say whattt.

deGrom, d’Arnaud for 2020? Last one for today is my personal favorite. I saw this in the Mets Team Store at Citi Field earlier this season and let out an audible “OH MY GOSH”.

WHAT IS THAT?!? His head is the size of his torso and legs combined, he’s got two black eyes and the most oddly shaped arms I’ve ever seen on a figurine. And it can be yours for only $11.99!

They are always updating the site and while I might personally never buy any of these items, maybe one of you really need a new flask for U.S. History or a new Sportula. Oh just wait til I get pictures of some of the stuff they sell in the team store. Woof, it’s even crazier.

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