It feels like the first time.

How putting your real name to a published piece can make you want to vomit…and then do it all over again.

No, but seriously, I am.

I just started a Medium account, and I’m now terrified as to what to do with it.

Like a superhero, I, too, can hide in plain sight.

This is the first time in a long time that I've written anything online that has my name on it. Not just a screen name or some fun take on the old pager code of yore — but my actual name. I've decided not to hide anymore. If I’m going to call myself a writer again, well then I need to write without the mask and from the heart. I’m putting type to screen, and this time I’m fully owning it.

Excuse me now while I take a few breaths before I figure out what my first REAL topic of discourse will be.

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