The Story of Us (#0)

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If a few years ago anyone told me that I’d meet the man I’d spend my whole life with through a very strange chat room on the Internet, I would have laughed at their face and told them that it wasn’t possible. I would also tell them that I would meet the man I’d spend my whole life with at my high school reunion when I was 21. I would look different than I was during my high school years, and all those guys who didn’t spare me a glance back then would regret their choices. I would meet the man at 21, and we would date for a few years until we both settled in with our lives, before we continued to move forward and plan our future together.

We would visit each other’s families every month or so, and get along with each other’s friends. And then, we would move in together after dating for two years, and adopt a cat or a dog. Or probably get a gold fish, if we both wanted to. At 25, we would be engaged and married just about a year later. We could start trying to have kids as soon as we got married or probably we could wait for a while to start trying for kids.

I had it all planned out, you know? But it seemed like things always never went according to the plans.

I didn’t meet the one at my high school reunion. Yes, I met the guy I fell in love with so many years ago (the one who also thought I would marry), but I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t even find anyone really appealing or intriguing. This was the first sign that maybe life wouldn’t be as I planned before, but I kept telling myself that this was only a little problem and things were going to be okay.

But, of course, the ‘little problem’ didn’t stop at that. I didn’t even date anyone throughout my college years, and next thing I knew, I was in my third year in college and I was still boyfriend-less. Well, this didn’t seem like much of a big deal to anyone, but to me, it was a pretty big deal.

When you came from a family with background like mine, you probably would understand that at least having someone by your side when you were 21 would mean anything. It was because it meant you had the leverage to plan the future however you liked, without having to look over your shoulder for someone from your family to chase you down the street with a long list full of ‘potential husband material’ men.

So, there you had it. Never had I thought I would come across someone in the Internet who was willing to help me out and also turned out to be the one who’d share my whole life with.

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