On spiritual language
Jonas Ellison

I love your writing always but primarily when it is spiritual without including specifics to Jesus or any particular religion. I have your book and purchased 3 more that I gave as gifts to fellow yoga teachers around the holiday season. Your older writings sometimes mention specifics but not often, which makes the writings in your book perfect to use and talk to as intentions for my yoga class. Whenever I use them, I’m asked by at least one person who is the author of the reading and I get to refer these people to you. Your writings have helped me become a better yoga teacher by including relatable spiritual discussions and messages. I grew up Catholic and disliked it so much my entire life that I never thought I had the capability to be spiritual; then yoga happened, then I found your non-secular writings, then I realized spirituality is not a bad thing. I’m 40 years old and it took me until fairly recently to realize this. As a long answer to your question, I prefer your writings to be spiritual without specifics because that is what helps me accept spirituality. I also acknowledge it is my own journey to work through the uncomfortable feelings I get when reading your more direct spiritual writings. No matter what, thank you for all you do, think, write, and give of yourself to me.

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