Trump January 20, 2017. (Reuters photo: Lucy Nicholson)

In the Age of Trump and the supposed Resistance why do we see so many on the Democratic side clearly support Trump’s agenda? Who are these rogues and why isn’t the Democratic leadership condemning their actions? Let’s go over who they are and some of what they’ve done.

I really have to start with a big thank you to for keeping up with the votes of every member of Congress and how it lines up with what President Trump wants. Their “Tracking Congress In The Age Of Trump” list is amazing and even breaks down each vote…

Campaign rally at Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles (Picture from Caitlin Faw / Associated Press)

We are going to take a long overdue journey through the 2015–16 Democratic presidential primaries. During this journey we will go over just a fraction of how the entire primary process had been rigged before a single vote was ever cast. Let’s start by breaking down exactly what rigging means.

Merriam-Webster’s definition for rig is
1 : to manipulate or control usually by deceptive or dishonest means • rig an election
2 : to fix in advance for a desired result • rig the contest

So why on earth would the Democratic Party rig the primary against a relatively unknown…

Busted American

Just a disabled American writing about politics, space, and especially elephant in the room topics.

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