(Some of) the things I wrote for Boston.com:

  • The quarterback’s quarterback: The unlikely story of how a kid from a Boston suburb became one of Tom Brady’s closest confidantes. (Read via Boston.com)
  • The man responsible for Donald Trump’s never-ending presidential campaign: Twenty-seven years after a New Hampshire Republican activist named Mike Dunbar dreamed up the idea of a Donald Trump presidency, the idea still hasn’t worn off. For Trump, at least. (Read via Boston.com)
  • ‘To us, he is just Jaxon’:No, our baby is not Photoshopped.” Brandon and Brittany Buell find themselves saying this again and again about their son, Jaxon. From his big blue eyes on down, Jaxon looks like a healthy, normal infant. But a severe birth defect caused him to be born with a head that is startlingly small and shrunken on top. He was born with a severe brain malformation that kills most infants within days or hours of birth — if they even survive long enough to be born at all. (Read via Boston.com)
  • Meet the chef who decides what Tom Brady eats — and what he definitely doesn’t: Allen Campbell talks about why New England’s superhero quarterback rarely eats tomatoes, where he shops for groceries, and why he doesn’t serve mushrooms. Ever. (Read via Boston.com)
  • Vanessa Kerry is determined to transform global health: The physician and mother of two is also founder of Seed Global Health, a public-private partnership focused on training health professionals in the developing world. She’s also the daughter of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. (Read via Boston.com)
  • The terrifying murder mystery that changed the way Boston viewed abortion: It was ‘a crime so awful that the soul revolts in horror.’ (Read via Boston.com)
  • All’s fair in love and classified ads: Three centuries of public spouse shaming: For more than 300 years, newspapers ran thousands and thousands of advertisements from men publicly announcing their wives had left them. The ads suddenly stopped appearing. But why did they ever run in the first place? (Read via Boston.com)
  • Celery and olives dominated Thanksgiving for nearly 100 Years — until they didn’t: Witness the rise and fall of two menu items for which Americans were once the most thankful. (Read via Boston.com)
  • The Charles Stuart murders and the racist branding Boston just can’t seem to shake: October 23, 1989: “My wife’s been shot. I’ve been shot.” The first words the public ever heard from Charles Stuart grabbed an entire nation by the collar and shook it awake. (Read via Boston.com)
  • 30 years ago, Christa McAuliffe’s dream became the country’s nightmare: The New Hampshire social studies teacher who was picked as NASA’s first “Teacher in Space” was killed when Challenger exploded 73 seconds after launch. (Read via Boston.com)
  • 116 years ago, The Boston Globe made a reporter disappear: In 1899, The Boston Globe had a wild idea. A young reporter was moving to town to write for the paper. But first, The Globe made him pretend to go missing, and challenged the paper’s readers to see who could find him first.(Read via Boston.com)
  • The Curious Life and Mysterious Death of Pippin Roe: Pippin Roe’s partially decomposed body was discovered by Boston police on July 13, 2014, behind a building on Columbus Avenue in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood.The story of how it got there is a mystery still unfolding, of a curious New England upbringing, a broken family, and a promising young artist whose friends and family felt powerless as they watched her life spiral out of control. (Read via Boston.com)
  • ‘You didn’t turn your back on Angelo’: Police shooting suspect Angelo West and the Humboldt Raiders: West’s criminal career ended, police say, when he shot an officer in the face. But it started decades earlier, when he was member of a violent Roxbury street gang and an associate of Freddie Cardoza, the man who became a poster child for reducing gang violence. (Read via Boston.com)
  • The life of the gun: What we know about the gun used by Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev to murder MIT Police Officer Sean Collier. (Read via Boston.com)
  • The radicalization of Tamerlan Tsarnaev: In interviews with the FBI, two Russian-born friends of Tamerlan Tsarnaev detailed his radicalization in the years leading up to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. (Read via Boston.com)
  • Sealed Tsarnaev court records: ‘An epidemic of secrecy’: Even after 15 days of testimony by 96 witnesses and thousands of news reports, there’s still plenty the public doesn’t know about the trial of Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. And that’s how the judge in the case wants it. (Read via Boston.com)
  • You could buy the Tsarnaev trial transcript. Or, you could buy a Range Rover: You might think that since cameras are banned in federal courtrooms, it would at least be relatively easy to obtain a daily transcript of a trial. You would be wrong. Well, unless you’re made of money. In which case, get ready to spend a bunch of it. (Read via Boston.com)

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