your worst is your worst

sometimes life sucks & that’s just a fact.

sometimes, week after week after week is hard & it feels like you can’t catch a break & like the universe is somehow punishing you for every one of your sins at once… & guess what? that’s valid.

I’ve always hated expressing my frustrations & having people tell me things like, “Others have it much worse” or “You’ve gotten through it before” when all I wanted was a little comfort.

clearly I’m aware that there are always good days to be had & thanks to be given.

& clearly I know that when you’re going through hell, you just have to keep on going.

but I’ve always said that your worst is your worst & your pain doesn’t make anyone else’s any less real.

acknowledging it doesn’t make you weak, or ungrateful, or cynical.

it makes you human.

& the truth is, in a society as individualistic as ours, one that so fetishizes this idea of back-breaking labor & deteriorated psyches as a show of “dedication” & “perseverance,” we could all afford to take a step back & remove ourselves from such a toxic narrative.

being honest & vulnerable about what we’re going through isn’t a weakness & it shouldn’t be approached as one.

& if somehow we can learn to be more empathetic, & stop gaslighting the people who try to do just that, maybe we’d all be better off.

take a minute to listen, put yourself in someone else's shoes.

it really isn’t that hard.