Weeknotes s04e02

[ending April 3, 2020; our third week at home in Canada]

Everything is mostly the same.

Which mainly means that everything has changed and our lives fall deeper into the strange world of near endless time at home.

Seriously, why do I want to do it SO badly.

It’s the end of our third week of staying home…

[ending December 6, 2019:BackInIt&BuriedBySnow]

Well, it’s been ages since regular weeknotes for me. I didn’t really write proper weeknotes since I’ve been back, so I’m taking this opportunity to share a (likely) share a short one about how things are going.

Full on winter back in Canada

Returning to Canada and to my job has been…

Weeknotes s03e18

[ending November 11, 2018-MoreFamilyInBelgiumAndTimeInTheNetherlands]

Full disclosure, I’m writing these late… time got away from me in my final few weeks of travel!

When last I left you, I was about to head to Belgium to meet family. Caroline found me on LinkedIn a few years ago and we’ve…

Weeknotes s03e17

[ending November 2,2019-Tired but happy]

Mostly photos this time since I’m a wreck. Will try to write more if I can.

Saturday I spent the day out wandering around Barcelona with Gomez. We went to the Palace Montjuic, Poble Español, and La Rambla. …

Weeknotes s03e16

[ending October 25,2919- a time of valleys and forests, fairytales and realities]

Sunday update:

When I left you, I was forcing myself out to a night called DragTaste. It was an Evening filled with cooking traditional Portuguese food, getting made up in ways that fall far outside a…

Weeknotes s03e15

[ending October 18,2019-DreamingInFallColours]

This Monday saw me leaving Paris, bound for Porto. In usual Lily fashion, I arrived to the airport about 3 hours before my flight, so I had a lot of time to chill. There was a disappointingly small amount of coffee available for some reason…

Lily Spek

One of the #GCAgents working to make the world a little better. @OneTeamGovCan. Lover of policy and A Cappella.

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