Letter to a Congressperson (or other person who cares)

Dear Mom,

I know you are against me smoking marijuana. You constantly tell me to stay away from it. You believe that it will make me dumb, and turn me into a different person. However, where did you hear all these things that you assumed from? Did it come from people who are educated, or did it come from your customers and what you hear on the media? I am writing this letter to convince you why you should go vote for the legalization of marijuana. I want to clear up all the myths you believe, and how one vote can make a difference.

One thing that we need to make clear is that marijuana does not make you dumb. According to an article from Washington Post, “Scientists have found that smoking marijuana does not make you stupid after all”. I know that you grew up in the time period where marijuana is considered as a bad thing. But I am here to tell you that it is not bad at all! The study that was conducted between British teenagers from age 8–16 shows that there is no link of IQ and marijuana. Although marijuana can decrease brain cells, it does not have an affect on your intelligence. How well you perform in school, is based on how dedicated and how hard you’re willing to work. Marijuana will not magically stop someone from trying hard in school.

Look at Michael Phelps, everyone called him out for smoking marijuana. However, smoking marijuana did not stop him from winning 23 gold medals. Even the president of the United States smoked marijuana when he was younger! His daughter, Malia Obama, smoked marijuana during a music festival called Lollapalooza, and she will be attending Stanford in the fall of 2016. All these people are successful, hard working individuals, and marijuana did not stop them from reaching their goals.

Although a heavy use of marijuana can lead to lung cancer, the good outweighs the bad. If you smoke anything, you are damaging your lungs. But would you rather smoke a cigarette, which is filled with 4000 chemicals that you may not know or would you rather smoke marijuana, a plant that can reduce diseases and relief pain? An example is marijuana is known to treat glaucoma. Glaucoma is a condition that damages your eye’s optic nerve. If the nerve gets damage severely and does not receive treatment, it can cause permanent blindness. However, if you smoke marijuana, it will help decrease the pressure in the eye, which can help prevent blindness!

I hope these facts change your opinion about marijuana. Just imagine yourself and everyone else sitting at the beach, smoking on a blunt and not having to worry about a thing! Marijuana will help you feel less-stress, which is what you need! However, in order to make a difference, please vote for the legalization of marijuana! You can start voting by mail as early as October 10. The closest polling stating near our house is Willie Brown Middle School. Please don’t forget! One minute of your day can make a big difference.

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