When do you write on Medium? Do you feel like you have to squeeze it in?
What Is the Full-Time Writer’s Schedule?
Anna Sabino

At the moment, I’m not writing on Medium. My crappy day job and the search for a slightly better crappy day job are combining to suck the life force right out of me.

But it’s more than that. I’m a bit compulsive when I write — once I start a piece, I can’t walk away from it until it’s finished, edited, polished, and ready to publish. And I simply don’t have big enough chunks of time available for that right now.

But I probably never will have those chunks of time again — or at least not until I can afford to write full time. (Fingers crossed.) So I’ve made a plan to try and remedy the situation: I’ve committed to writing 500 words every day in July, no matter what. Even if they’re crap, even if they’re unfinished and unedited, I will get those 500 words done.

It won’t result a finished, publishable piece every day — which I found unsustainable anyway — but it’ll be a heck of a lot better than the nothing I’m doing now. :)