90's fashion

As I’m wearing my plaid shirt, choker necklace, and brown lipstick jamming out to Alanis Morissett I can’t help but to notice the 90's are back! All you moms out there don’t be too fast to pull out your butterfly clips and drop crotch pants, I’m here to tell you all about the 90's trends we should let live and the ones we should let die.

Choker necklaces

Choker necklaces are taking over street fashion by storm. They’re easy to pair with any outfit with the large variety of styles available and with the boom of their popularity they’re extremely affordable.

Butterfly clips

Don’t be too excited. This isn’t where you’re hoping this is going. I’m looking at you mom. Butterfly clips were a thing of the 90’s and that’s where those horrible plastic finger death traps should stay.

A line skirts/dresses

A line skirts and dresses are just now making their comeback. These beauties add a little class to any look with their polished appearance. A line skirts with button down fronts are all the rage in fall fashion and hopefully we’ll be seeing more of these cuties in the spring.

High waisted jeans

Yes holy moly thank you baby Jesus for high waisted jeans that cover your muffin top. Pairs perfectly with a crop top and that belly button piercing you totally don’t have 😉

Plaid Skirts

The big booty community hates you plaid skirts, but I still love you. This pretty chic look Rachel Green pulled this (like anything else Jennifer Aniston wore) off flawlessly. It looks super cute with a plain colored shirt, or that college crew neck in the back of you closet.


The world says no, I say yes. You may not be the cutest thing in the world but at least you don’t leave a crease in my hair.

Plaid shirts

The 90’s grunge style comeback is probably everyone’s favorite. Either worn around your waist or not plaid shirts are always bomb af. Thank you grunge style for taking plaid shirts from lumber jack to all that.

Brown lips

Season one Monica Geller throw backs anyone? Kylie Jenner brought back the matte lip with her perfect pout all the girls want now but that’s not the only 90’s lip trend coming back. Brown nude lips are showing back up and we couldn’t be more pumped.

Tied shirts

These unfortunately haven’t made the comeback I’ve been dying for. Tied shirts look so cute with a nice skater skirt or a pair of jeans giving a little bit of dimension to any outfit.


These are not just to hold up your grandpa’s trousers anymore. Suspenders are just another cute 90’s trend that hasn’t made it’s rightful comeback.

Baggy pants

TLC might of pulled these off but don’t go chasing waterfalls in your baggy pants just yet. Totally wore a pair of these when I went to see Vanilla Ice and Salt-N-Pepa but, these bad boys are not even close to making a comeback, but if you do want something loose fitting boyfriend style jeans are going to be your best friend.

Crop tops

Total Clueless vibes with the adorable Alicia Silverstone. Not your mother’s favorite thing in your closet but it’s defiantly one of yours. I’m not even sure crop tops ever went away but they’re popping up from everywhere from street style to prom dresses. (guilty) These babies give you a chance to show off a little tummy and are best worn with anything high waisted.


Rachel Green once again stealing our hearts in this cute pair of overalls showing us you don’t just have to live on a farm to wear them. They might not be the colorful corduroy that once were so popular but slay away in any pair of jean overalls.

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