BUS310 Final Writeup

In the case of R&B Singer Kehlani, she has a lot of work to do when it comes to her social media presence. For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and her own webpage, there is much to be done.

When I think of Kehlani, I honestly don’t think of Facebook. I personally don’t think of her fans being the ones who hang out on Facebok all day. I see them being the Snapchat and Instagram type. But for the fans who do use Facebook, she really needs to update this platform. The tabs either aren’t up to date or have no content at all (which is unacceptable). With her promoting a new tour and album on all other social media platforms, she really needs to include Facebook in that as well.

As for her Twitter, she’s doing a little better. She interacts with fans by direct tweeting and retweeting and is consistant with it. However, there is a distinct break in voice when it comes to her Twitter. You can definitely tell wether it’s her sending out a tweet or someone from her management team. If she was to keep the format and voice of her tweets as consistant as the content, it would make it more appealing to fans and show them that she is infact herself.

Kehlani’s Instagram seems to her and her fans favorite due to the amount of followers (which grow everyday) and the amount of content she posts regularly. My problem with her Instagram is the same that I have with her Twitter; inconstant voice. You can clearly tell which posts are her personal ones and which are’t because of the caption format and even the pictures themselves. With her Instagram being as popular as it is, keeping it feeling me “real” would up her Instagram game even more.

Her website, in my opinion, needs the most work. Some good things about are her keeping up to date with her tour and album news and the website itself is visually appealing. However, what you think to be the actual website isn’t actually it. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of this long page of what you though the site was, there is a “Enter Site” button. Why have this entire page of everything you need only for it not to be the real thing? It just seems like too much to me. Atoher thing to work on is the fact that there aren’t any links to any of her other social media available on the site, which puts a break in her social presence. Also, the merch section is entirely sold out and hasn’t been updates in almost a year. With a new album and tour coming out, merch is essential in making money and promoting your brand.

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