What a breakup feels like.
Tiffany Sun

Thank you sharing your experience with us. I always love reading your stories! You are right, we are our longest commitment. Sometimes I definitely don’t give myself enough self-love and it makes going through the day so much more difficult. For what it’s worth, my mom once said to me even if everyone you know left you, you still have yourself.

But I also know life can be so much nicer when we have a loving partner to share it with. There’s nothing wrong with wishing for a loving and fulfilling relationship. Your ex sounded really immature, and from everything I’ve read (in your articles), you deserve so much better. What’s funny is my ex of 5 years said the same thing to me once “how do I know you are the right person if I haven’t dated many people.”

It’s not until I started dating someone else who gave me real love that I realized how badly I was treated.

There’s someone out there for each of us. I hope you find him soon! Keep writing and keep being awesome Tiffany! :)

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