Understanding The Difference Between Hydarulic & Electric Power Steering

Lilydale Motors
Nov 30, 2017 · 3 min read

Though it’s the era of power steering, very few people seem to be aware of this system. They just know to drive without having much clue about the proper mechanism of a vehicle.

Every car steering system contains numerous links. Some links connect with the tie rod end while some go to the steering box. There are two main forms of mechanical device that convert rotation of the steering wheel into movement of the car’s wheels. These are basically, the hydraulic power steering system and the electric power steering system.

Hydraulic power steering :

Modern vehicles are all equipped with power steering. Of the two types of power steering, hydraulic systems use a high-pressure fluid to help the driver turn the wheels very easily. It uses a type of plunger to make the working easy. When the driver turns the steering wheel, it opens up the flow of the pressurised fluid in such a way that helps to turn the wheels in the required direction.

However, this system is more prone to failures. Fluid can leak from high-pressure lines, delicate valves occasionally wear out, the belt that drives the power steering pump can loosen or break, and eventually the pump itself may fail. When your car is equipped with hydraulic steering you must visit the mechanic in Mooroolbark, at least on a monthly basis to make sure that the things work smoothly.

Electric power steering :

Electric power steering is common in trucks, as they take heavy loads. Electric power steering system includes various wires, sensors and actuators (motors). These mechanisms, too, fail but are luckily less prone to shutdown than hydraulic components. An electric power steering system has a lot of parts. Among them, softer and wet parts wear out more quickly than harder and dry ones. Thus, for example, a soft rubber bushing that has to change shape with every bump will probably need replacement from wear or complete failure before a solid metal rod will, or a shock absorber that contains fluid is more likely to fail than a metal spring.

Generally, electric power steering works with the help of an electric motor and a control unit which has some sort of sensors. The motor runs on battery and uses electric power to assist the movement of steering when the driver turns the wheel.

Whatever be the form of power steering, for the sake of your vehicle’s life, you need to visit a skilled car mechanic in Chirnside Park on a monthly basis or on alternate months for ensuring proper functioning of the steering system.

Lilydale Motors

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