I finally got to be in the same city as my dad this past father’s day, for the first time in maybe half a decade. But strangely enough, as Dr. Kim blew out the candles on the sumptuous, layered chocolate mousse cake I picked out for him earlier that day, I was reminded of another Mr. Kim.

I met Mr. Kim five years ago. He must be around my father’s age. At 5:45 a.m. sharp every day, he’d be waiting outside my Seoul apartment in his black Lincoln town car. He was the driver assigned to shuttle me to my client site in Korea. …

Everyone wants to be an innovator. Every company wants to be known as an innovation company. As innovation increasingly becomes an imperative in today’s business landscape, emerging startups and well-established companies alike are exploring ways to infuse innovation into business processes and products. But what does it really take for companies to truly be innovative, and climb atop lists like Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies?

Especially in the realm of health and well-being, consumers are searching for products and services that bring health benefits to their day-to-day lives. …

“I’ll take an Americano and a …” he paused, looking down in my direction. “What do you want, sweetie?”

“A hot chocolate!” 7-year-old me replied, giddy in anticipation of the impending sugar rush.

“Yes, and a hot chocolate, please,” he finished, returning his gaze to the barista.

My love for coffee shops is less about the coffee, although I love a good iced latte. …

wharton mba ’17 || innovation & design enthusiast

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