Graph Search

People, places, and things….

When I tried the graph search I used it on my personal page (the only Facebook page I have). I preformed a search on food (commonly searched by me).

It’s impressive how quickly the content that’s most relatable to you is found based off things I’ve seen and shown interest for on Facebook.

This is what a Graph Search search bar looks like. It uses social graphs to generate search content.

To learn more about this topic I turned to Tech Crunch.

Explains what Graph Search is and how to use it.

I think a reporter would have to be careful about what account they are using to preform an effective graph search involving their story topic. I could see a reporter trying to use graph search in a situation to find people who know more information about a topic. I worry that this would be a conflict of interest because by using a personal page you would be affiliated with these people already. On a professional page I wonder if you could do this a little better. Also I wonder if this would open up other contacts for the story in general.

The news organization I follow for this class is Newschannel 5 Nashville. I decided to look at the Facebook account of their reporter Nick Beres.

When you look at Beres’s posts, you can see that he’s posting every day. Every post has a picture attached to it. Some of the posts generate conversation or are designed or created to generate comments in the comment section. Which he does gain quite a bit of those on some posts.

When asked if he responds or talks back I would have to say he does a little. He will post the initial status with the blurb and the photo and if needed he will give out more information or clarify things for readers.. If I had the following Nick had or the people commenting I would definitely respond back like he does. I understand him not doing it on every article because sometimes that’s unnecessary.