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Using Instagram for news reminds me of a short magazine post. Except this post is driven by the photo/video posted, instead of the writing being the focus and the photo just accompanying.

“It’s not an effort to drive traffic to the site. That’s very hard to do on Instagram,” said Alexandra MacCallum
  • I agree with this statement, I don’t think its used for teases or anything like that. When we were focusing on Snapchat, I saw the station I picked teasing articles on their website on their snapchat story.

I think going beyond teasing you can use this as an outlet for smaller stories about things outside of what the viewer sees on TV or web. For example the story about the University of Wyoming studying migration routes. I found this post on WCAX Instagram, I don’t think this is something would air on TV but it is great for the app.

The video is just this man walking into his sauna. I feel bad because he’s barefoot- YIKES!

How’s my station of choice doing?

How are they doing? They have 12 posts 488 followers. In comparison News12 in Orlando has 5535 followers and 157 posts. And WFTV who has 8558 followers and 477 posts.

They don’t really have much video, I think they could benefit from videos similar to the ones WCAX posts. I think they have room to post a lot of these cool videos, they could take the viewer into; a lot of restricted events, local concerts, celebrity sightings, really the list goes on. Nashville is the “Hollywood of the South” when I say there’s so much going on its a bit of an understatement.

I really don’t think so. I feel like with Instagram, everyone that uses it already knows there’s filters for “instagrammers” to use. If you’re shooting for a magazine you have tools like photoshop to enhance the image. Our cameras in News7 have filters as well. What’s the difference between using a filter on Instagram.

Speaking of the ethics of filters, to me this looks like they may have used one.

Their page is really just a bunch of really cool aerial shots of Nashville. Although, some of the pictures look pretty outdated.

Is it helping their page views or just growing engagement?

I can judge that the goal of their page is primarily just to grow engagement. Although I wish they used it effectively. Nashville is big into Instagram, LOTS of restaurants and venues use it. So in that particular city Instagram is a big tool for marketing or connecting

What should they be doing better?

Maybe correcting the way the photos look. Also utilizing video more. I think taking the viewer where the media can go and the viewer cannot and using Instagram to showcase that.

How can they improve?

Like I said earlier, I think they could benefit from posting creative videos from around town. One perfect example of how they could be dong this is showing the viewer what it’s like to attend one of the many award shows in Nashville. Or even using a time-lapse camera of some of the extensive construction to downtown.

Here's my go at using Instagram for news.

Construction on the Sanborn Covered Bridge in Lyndonville.
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