Media Lit Post #1 — Monopolization of Media

Monopolization of media is an issue for today’s society. There are multiple ways that the media consumers are surrounded by every day is monopolized and controlled by one medium. The ways that this negatively influences consumers is by restricting what information is absorbed and processed by society. A monopoly of our media could cause views to become easily biased and would be giving too much control to one specific outlet. This could also cause a large growth of ignorance among the people, if not all views are being represented and consumers are ignorant to all sides of every story. A monopoly controlling our media could easily take away certain peoples point of view and opinions that the conglomerate may not believe is important or worthy of recognition. There would be no way of knowing if consumers can trust what they’re seeing or hearing.

I believe that it’s important to allow less monopolization of media, rather than less regulations on mass media. Monopolization allows too great of an amount of power and control for one outlet of our media, and restricts consumers from variety of what they read and see. Less monopolization would create more room and freedom for all kinds of opinions and views, and less corporations poisoning our youth and society by pushing unimportant Hollywood drama and materialistic things into our faces for money and to distract us from real things and issues going on in the world.

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