Lauren Modery

I live in a tiny house addition, 240sq ft, I build on back of my households moderately sized house. I’m older, 63y/o, dig living solo but missed being around friends (who are like family) and sharing in tasks, projects and hijinks. I used to live in a 5 bedroom house (2600 sqft) and rented rooms. I bought a 940 sqft house and lived on my own and after 10 years, into the tiny house-space I live in now. It was a process, a journey perhaps, to get to the enjoyment of living like I do. Hard to tell most people what its like to live with just enough, partly because most people don’t have an idea that there’s such a thing as “enough.” I didn’t either at first. The article is very funny, and I too wonder about what it must be like living in a space the size of mine with a family of 4. But are tiny houses always sparkling clean? No. Whose place is? Do tiny house people ever want to get away from the people they live with? Of course, and who doesn’t? Is living tiny a joyous, creative experience? Yep, for right people it is and I’m so glad tiny house living is an option these days.

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