How to Survive through a Family Photography Shoot

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Family photo sessions are meant to be a celebration of love and union. But that’s not even the last thing on your mind when you have two squabbling siblings in the corner, a cranky grandmother who wants to go to sleep, and young children running around the house.

Putting all that aside, and bringing people together in front of the camera is hard work. This requires you to brush up on some time management and communication skills to make it happen. However, if you’re a bit flustered on how you should acquire those skills, not to worry.

We asked a professional family photographer to provide us with some useful tips.

Tips on Surviving a Family Photoshoot


According to Lily Hayes, a well-known Dallas wedding photographer TX, the key to surviving is preparation.

The day of your photoshoot is stressful, to say the least. It does not bode well to be running around with less than 5 hours of sleep. Rest gives your body time to relax and energizes you. It also lessens those sleepy bags underneath your eyes, which is good news since you don’t want to be the only one looking haggard while everyone else looks pristine.

Make a Plan

Gather your family a day or two in advance, decide on your outfits, hair, makeup and time when you’ll leave the house to get to the location in time and stick to it. Last minute chores are not only annoying, they’re also wasteful. Keep in mind that the photographer will have other assignments to get to. You don’t want to end up running late and having them rush through the photo session. Work out a schedule with your photographer and get their advice on how to use time to your advantage.

Be Happy about it

It’s easy to let the stress get to your head. But the more you complain about it, the more people you will stress out around you.

If your baby daughter has thrown up some milk on your shirt, don’t freak out. This is why we tell you to make a plan. Considering your worst-case scenarios and preparing accordingly helps in the long run.

Let the little things go and instead, enjoy the moment. Remember why you wanted to have a photoshoot in the first place.

Communicate Your Concerns

If you have any questions, talk to your photographer about it. If you’ve hired a professional family photographer with years of experience, they’ll probably have all the answers you need to hear. Don’t waste time worrying about something such as time, location and coordination. Talk to you photographer and give them the details of any crazy family situation you anticipate. It’s better to inform them beforehand since they’ll know to prepare of it.

Hire Lily Hayes for Your Family Photos

Family photos are a wonderful thing to have. Use the skills of a professional photographer to get the best images of your loving family.

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