Every cultures have their own meanings and values. (Part 3)

On the airplane, I kept thinking and reflecting on the things that happened around me. This Southeast Asian country totally broke the image and prejudices which I had have before. I even regretted that I could not experience more about their cultures for my deep prejudices. How short this journey was that I could not learn everything about this beautiful island. However, how long this trip was that I could understand that every cultures have their own meanings and values and learn to appreciate a culture with respective, true, and open mind . Every cultures all have their advantages and disadvantages. However, we cannot judge their values by whether their advantages are more than the disadvantages. Every cultures are equal better. Cultures represent a country’s tradition, spirit, and history. If a culture makes people happy and joyful, it is a good culture and worthy of learning, experiencing and spreading.

我總覺得,身在台灣的我們,長期受好萊塢傳遞的歐美文化影響,會覺得對西方文明國家的文化和價值觀很熟悉、很「正常」;可是你有沒有發現,我們台灣對鄰近的東南亞諸國,反而很不熟悉。I always think that we, born in Taiwan, have been influenced by American and European cultures which are transmitted by Hollywood ever since a long time ago. We are familiar with the cultures and system of values from Western nations, and make it normal. However, we do not find that we are unfamiliar with the Southeast Asia that are closer to Taiwan.

I completely agree with those words above. In Taiwan, we always consider that cultures in Japan, Korea, America, and Europe, those developed countries, are better than Southeast Asian nations or any other developing or undeveloped countries, even we view them as fashion trends, and do our best to learn, pursuit, and imitate. As for the cultures in developing or undeveloped countries, we do not interest, hate, and criticize. I think that’s not fair.

歐美日等先進國家絕不等於整個世界,我希望既然來了(越南),就要好好向當地人學習更多不一樣的事物、拓展視野。Europe, America, Japan, and any other advanced countries are not absolutely equal to the whole world. I hope I can learn more different things from natives, and broaden my horizons since I have come here.

Just like the saying above: those developed nations are not absolutely equal and represent to the whole world. Every cultures, every countries, even every small islands should be treated equally in this world. And since we come to and live in this colorful world, we should have a humble and wide mind to try everything existing in the world. World, nations, cultures, and people are all equal and need to respect.

Above all, I want to summarize my word with these two sentences from the article:

儘管語言、文化、生活習慣、社會環境可能都不同,但人與人之間,真心對彼此的互相尊重、平等對待,是最最重要的。Although languages, the habits of lives, social environment are likely to be different, it is the most important that treating everyone equally and respecting one another.
放下成見、優越感,用開放包容的心胸,平等對待我們語言不通的夥伴,是真正融入當地的不二法門。Throwing away the prejudice and arrogance and treating our partners with “language gap” equally with our open and tolerant mind are the one and only way to fit in the local.

This is a short video about a traditional dance from Bali. Although it is not interesting, I still love it and it is the most precious tradition to them, even to me. Hope you enjoy this video.