Facts You Should About Reusable Plastic Bags

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A study reported by The New York Times showed that we are drowning in plastic. Think about it, if you haven’t in a while: all the plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic packaging for everything from toothpaste to shampoo to cleaning supplies. And if you haven’t let yourself dwell on thoughts about where this plastic winds up, let us remind you: For 500 to 1,000 years (yes, that’s how long plastic takes to disintegrate), discarded plastic sits in landfills and floats in waters. If you didn’t know, now you know. What’s worse, the same study concluded that if we continue on the same path of pollution, by 2025, the amount of ocean waste will amount to roughly 10 bags per foot of coastline. So assuming you’re not ready to bid farewell to your beloved beaches, consider making a fresh start with something as simple as your grocery shopping bags.

As it happens, alternative bags are proof you can begin to live an environmentally sound life without compromising your style. Whether you finish off your best bodega look with a bright, bold tote or make a quick dash to the corner grocer with a chicly constructed carryall, you’re destined to be the coolest (and most conscientious) customer on the block.

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All about Plastic

Plastic is a synthetic material that will take a decade to decompose. This means it will remain as clutter in a landfill if not recycled. Manufacturers make biodegradable plastic out of synthetic materials that have a unique chemical composition. This allows the product to decompose naturally.

There are two kinds of biodegradable plastic: petroleum-based plastic and bioplastic. Manufacturers make bioplastic out of raw materials like corn or pea starch. Petroleum-based plastic, on the other hand, contains substances that help hasten the decomposition process. While both types of biodegradable plastic are eco-friendly, many business owners choose bags made out of bioplastic.

You can find many companies offering recyclable plastic products online. If you are planning to buy these products, you have to be careful when you choose your supplier. Here are some factors you should consider before buying the products.

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Reusable Purposes

Plastic bags can be used for several different purposes. Whether the bags come from the shopping malls, the grocery stores or the hardware stores, each bag can be creatively reconstructed as handy bags for your next shopping outing. In addition to using the plastic reusable shopping bags for several shopping trips, you can also opt to salvage the lifespan of plastic bags for other reasons. Simply, use plastic bags as small trash bags; storage bags; or donate the bags to recycle centers.

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Thinking Outside the Retail Shopping Bag

Retail shopping bags no longer have to be boring! It is time to think outside of the bag and get creative. Reusable bags are one of the easiest ways for your business to achieve brand impressions over and over again. When you send your customer home with a reusable bag, they will reuse it! Your customers will be even more likely to reuse your bag if the design is fun and creative.

Source: Trends in Retail Shopping Bags

By this way, nowadays we can only find reusable bags or non reusable eco friendly bags and all the shops have to respect it. Some control operations are organized to verify the daily use of these plastic bags. To fulfill the regulation, people must change their habits but also the shopkeepers. In fact, they need to find new suppliers to produce plastic bags according to the new features. Some countries as Vietnam is more and more targeted for this kind of production due to its industrial sector that is soaring and cheaper than the others. Workers are performant and cheap for so it becomes a real asset for the Vietnamese economy

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