Are you being serious right now?

it is true that this is not an direct contact experience.

it is also true that this is a man choosing to grope and stalk in game, because he felt the desire to do so and had no interest in doing otherwise.

But is this truly offensive to people who know sexual assault or harassment?

is it?

Perhaps you have experienced sexual assault and can truly attest to that argument. We would all benefit from hearing this more, so if that is true, relay it.

Otherwise, I believe most, if not all who know sex assault and harassment intimately, know that this experience falls in that category, and that what this story is reiterating is that sexual assault will happen in games, “pretended” “joked” or not.

And don’t all sexual harassers say it is a joke? Don’t the guys always get together, and say, oh we’re just joking, when they rape a girl after drugging her? or, when they say it is not rape?

Therefore, I would not take her comment that far, and claim it debunks the entire conversation or opinion. Her experience is still true.

It shows how horrible and real any sexual harassment experience is, physical or not. Besides, it is never the physical pain that makes the experience an issue. It’s that a person has justified it, acted on it, and decided to do it, that it hurts, and that it continues to be justified, that they have completely degraded a human being.

that men do this on the streets, at work, in schools, homes, and in games, is an issue. Shut up and listen.

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