It’s Not As Easy As You Thought

I am a dreamer always. Among all my 100+ dreams, I maybe complete around 3. When I am approaching my 30 years old birthdays and looking back my past 30 years, I have lots of regrets. As a result, I will just pick up one of my crazies ideas and do it. See what happens.

This inspiration is indeed from my dream. It’s actually a crazy one. I call it rooftop social network. You paint logos and works on top of your roof, and when people search on google map, they will see your logo. Low flying planes and drones can see it too. It’s a way of self expression. I secretly think maybe alien will see it and connect with me too.

The first thing I did was to ask my friends and colleges if they like this idea. They all laughed. One of them even told me I should have named the startup “roofie”. :) (in case you don’t know what roofie means, google it. )

I then researched online on how often Google updates its satellite view. It ranges from 3 months to 3 years depending on the location.

I paid $10 and bought the domain name: I bought rollers and white reflective shingle paints.

I inspected my roof, thinking I will only be able to paint the side facing backyard so city won’t knock at my door. I measured the length and width of half my roof: 15x50. I calculated I can paint four letters to be visible on a small plane.

I brainstorms what 4 letter can be and asked my friends on Facebook. I had “yo!” “Hello” “hi” “love” “bacn” “meow”. I eventually decided to go with “meow”. I calculated how big is each stroke and how long is the spacing. I came up with two different font designs and decided on the second one.

I put up a ladder, climbed up the roof, take measurements, use blue tape to outline the letters. The first week I pained I E. One bucket of paint ran out. I ordered two more bucket.

The second week, I finished M E. Hoping Google satellite won’t scan this week.

I had a lot of fun.