“A catalog of Architectural Monsters (John Hejduk: Victims and Monsters)”

Monsters and victims, Hejduk

My justification of the term “monster” is something that is odd for the eyes. Inspired by John Hejduk, who uses unfamiliar shapes to illustrate his architectural monsters, my adaptation of his technique was to combine architectures with associating symbols to postivity and negativity to manipulate “monsters”.

In this project I aim to criticise the selective nature of Sydney media; by the demand of the audience current media only reveals positive headlines. Thus I am showing what appears to be the surface of Sydney by creating allusions with architectures around UTS that appears to be happy. On the other hand at the ‘core’; or at the bottom; of the work are structured with devil like architectures. Therefore I am comparing the negative monster buildings with the unrevealed happenings in Sydney by the News.

Furthermore, the emotions applied in the architectures reflect on my understanding of the influence of everyday human and architectural intersect on ones mentality. The idea of emotional variation is supported by the usage of tonal difference. Darker architectures are evidently has more upsetting atmosphere. Shared medium between Hejduk and my usage condense the influence I have received from Hejduk.

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